Privacy Policy

At Yapphi, we believe that your privacy is important and we strive to protect it. to This privacy policy applies to personal and other information collected on our Website and App. Bearing in mind the significance of privacy, we have developed a comprehensive privacy policy that incorporates within its purview how we collect, use, retain, give access to, disclose and transfer your personal and other information.

We urge you to acquaint yourself with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. Above all, we intend to treat your privacy with seriousness and respect.

Other Policies Applying to Our Services

In addition to our Privacy Policy, our Terms of Use, available on the Website, apply to your use of our Website, App and its related services. Please read this Privacy Policy in conjunction with the provisions set forth in the Terms of Use.

Visiting/Browsing Our Website/App

If you are visiting our website/app, then we may collect and store the following information about your visit:

  • The IP address of your machine when connected to the Internet and the domain name from which you are accessing the Internet
  • The operating system and the browser that your system uses, and any search engine you are using
  • Your browsing behaviour
  • The URLs of the pages you visit on the Website/App and actions you take (like pushing buttons on our website)
  • If you provide it, your email address, account number and other personal information
  • The domain name of the page you visit after leaving the website/App
  • The domain name of the page that led you to our website/App
  • The date and time you visited/browsed the Website/App

    Using Yapphi App

    When you download the App, connect to our Services, contact us through various means, including by social media, fill out a query form or participate in an online survey, we may collect a variety of information, including but not limited to your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, contact preferences, device identifiers, IP address, location information, credit card information and so on. In addition to the above, we may also collect, collate and retain certain health related data.

    The App may collect and retain personal information such as height, weight, activity details related to a specific work out. In addition to these details, the App may also collect and have access to information including but not limited to username and password used to create the Yapphi account on the App.

    In the event you choose to sign-in using your social media accounts, we may collect and retain information including but not limited to your:

  • Social media email address and other related information
  • Unique social media ID, if any
  • Google email address and unique Google ID

    Activity Information

    Yapphi will ask its Subscribers/Members to provide an explicit consent to use information from wearables like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Apple Healthkit, Garmin, Suunto and so on. You may also provide your fitness and activity data manually. This includes without limitation, information about your daily steps, energy, distance covered during a workout and related activities.

    Members visiting our website

    If you are a Yapphi Member/Subscriber then the Terms of Use as mentioned above, shall apply to your use of Yapphi Website/App and related Services. Additionally, if you do provide us with personal information via your use of our Website - for example by allowing the use of cookies or by filling out an electronic query form/questionnaire - we may link this information to your Yapphi Account and your activity thereon. We may also use this information to improve the experience of other Members/Users browsing our website.

    Use of your personal information

    Yapphi may hold and use your information for a number of purposes connected with our business, which include, without limitation:

  • The personal information we collect allows us to keep you posted on our latest announcements, upcoming events and software updates. In the event that you don’t want to be on our mailing list, you can opt-out anytime by updating your preferences.
  • We may use your personal information, including date of birth, to verify identity, assist with identification of users, to determine appropriate services and also to improve our services.
  • We may also use personal information to help us create, develop, operate, deliver, improve and improvise our services, reach-out initiatives, advertising, and for anti-fraud purposes. We may also use your personal information for account and network security purposes. Where we use your information for anti-fraud purposes it arises from the conduct of an online transaction with us. We limit our uses of data for anti-fraud purposes to those which are strictly necessary and within our legitimate interests to protect our customers, business and related services.
  • From time to time, we may use your personal information to send important notices, such as changes to our policies, terms of use and so on because this information is important to your interaction and engagement with Yapphi.
  • We may also use personal information for internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, and research to improve our services and customer communications, for which we will obtain your explicit consent. Please note that such data is mostly collected and stored in its anonymised form and therefore no direct link or association can be found between such anonymised information/data and any natural person(s).
  • If you enter into a sweepstake, contest, or similar promotion we may use the information you provide to administer those programs.
  • In the event that you apply for a position at Yapphi or we receive your information in connection with a certain job profile at Yapphi, we may use your information to evaluate your candidacy and to contact you. If you are a candidate, you will be entitled to receive more information about how we handle a candidate’s personal information at the time of application, if requested by the candidate.

    Access to your information

    You can help ensure that your personal information including, without limitation, contact information and preferences are accurate, adequate, complete and up to date by signing in to your Yapphi account page. For personal information we hold, we will provide you with access (including a copy, if requested) for any purpose so long as it is in adherence with applicable laws, including any request made by you such as, correcting the data if it is inaccurate or incomplete or deletion of data provided by you, if Yapphi is not required to retain such by law or for legitimate business purposes.

    Deletion of Account

    If you want us to delete any personal information you have provided to us or delete your Yapphi account, please contact us at After you make a deletion request, we will permanently and irreversibly delete your personal data from our systems. Once deleted, your data, including your account and related activities cannot be reinstated. Following your deletion request, it may take up to 90 days to delete your personal information and system logs from our systems. Please note that the information you may have shared with others may continue to be publicly visible in association with your name, even after your account is deleted.

    Disclosure to Third Parties

    There may be certain circumstances where Yapphi may provide third parties with personal information which may or may not include health-related information to provide or improve our services or to help us engage with our current or prospective consumers more effectively. When we disclose personal information to a third party, we require those third parties to handle it in accordance with relevant laws in force at the time. It may be noted that personal information will never be shared with third parties for their marketing or other purposes.

    Disclosure to Service Providers

    Yapphi may share personal information with companies that provide services such as information processing, extending credit, providing customer service, managing and enhancing customer data, conducting customer research, trend analysis or satisfaction surveys and assessing your interest in our services. Yapphi strives to ensure that these companies protect your personal information to the best of their abilities.

    Disclosure to Others

    It may be mandatory by law, legal process, litigation, and/or requests from public, governmental, statutory authorities/agencies within your country of residence for Yapphi to disclose your personal information. We may disclose information about you if we determine that for purposes of national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance, disclosure is necessary or appropriate. Additionally, we may also disclose information about you, but only where there is a lawful basis for doing so, if we determine that disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce our terms and conditions or protect our business operations or users.


    We safeguard the collection, transmission and retention of personal data provided by Members/Users of the App and Services related thereto. The Services on the mobile App use industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of personal information and credit card numbers. Yapphi engages providers that are industry leaders in online security, including services verification, to strengthen and fortify the security of our Services. The Services are registered with a site identification approach so that your browser can confirm Yapphi’s identity before any personal information is sent or received. In addition, Yapphi’s secure servers protect personal and non-personal information using advanced firewall technology.

    Marketing & Promotional Messages

    In relation to marketing and promotional activities undertaken by Yapphi, we strive to comply with the following principles

  • "Permission" means that informed consent has been given;
  • Permission must be respected and honoured and may be withdrawn by a Member/Subscriber at any time, for any reason; and
  • If Permission is withdrawn, no further marketing and promotional communications and material may be sent to the Member/Subscriber.

    We comply, to the extent reasonably practicable, with all laws related to unsolicited email (SPAM) and SMS and will thoroughly investigate any complaint, to the best of our abilities, that suggests we may be delivering unsolicited email or any messages through various mediums of communication.

    If you have opted in for receiving marketing emails and other promotional messages, and later want to unsubscribe ("opt out") from email marketing and promotional communications, there are three ways to unsubscribe from these messages:

  • Follow the unsubscribe instructions in the email
  • You may also unsubscribe to marketing and promotional messages by writing to us at

    In the event that you have opted-out from receiving marketing and promotional messages, we will still continue to send you billing and other vital information about your account and services (such as service messages) via these channels.

    How We Retain Your Personal Information

    The retention period of the personal information we collect is the maximum amount of time required to achieve the purposes for which the personal information is collected. We shall delete or anonymize your personal information upon expiry of the retention period as described above.

    If we stop operating some or all of our Services and/or operations for any reason whatsoever, we will promptly inform you and stop the collection and processing of personal information and we will delete or anonymize the personal information that is held by us in relation to Yapphi Services, unless otherwise required by laws and regulations.

    How We Process Personal Information of Minors

    Our Website, App and Services related thereto are mainly for adults. Minors (anyone under the age of 16 years shall be considered a minor) may not use our App and Services related thereto without the consent of their parents or guardians. For personal information of the children collected with their parents' consent, we will only disclose this information to the extent permitted by law, or with the expressed consent of the parents or guardians, or when it is necessary to do so in order to protect the interest of the children concerned.

    In the event that we discover suo-moto or it is brought to our notice that we may have collected personal information of a child without having obtained an explicit and verifiable parental consent, we will take steps to delete the relevant data and the Account created on the Yapphi App as soon as possible.

    How do I file a complaint?

    If you have any reason to believe that your email address has been used without your explicit permission or there has been any breach of privacy with respect to your account and contacting the sender has not yielded satisfactory results, you can issue a formal complaint by contacting us via email at

    Changing this policy

    We may change our Privacy Policy at any time by amending or removing existing terms or adding new ones. There may be instances where the changes may take the form of a completely new policy. We will tell you about any changes by posting an updated policy on our website. Any amendments made by us apply to our Members/Subscribers from the date we post the amended version of the Privacy Policy on our Website. Further, we may from time to time, seek your feedback on proposed changes via various forms of consultation. In the event that substantial changes are made to this Policy, we may notify you directly via email.

    Data Breach Notification

    If it is brought to our knowledge that there has been a data breach or we become aware of a data breach that we consider could compromise customer security, our policy is to report this data breach at the very earliest to affected customers. Under certain circumstances, we may also report the breach publicly, where we consider it is appropriate to do so.

    Information Security

    We work hard to keep your personal information safe. We use a combination of technical, administrative, and physical controls to ensure the security of your data however, no method of transmitting, retaining, disclosing and collating data is secure in absolute terms.

    Our Commitment Towards Your Privacy

    To make sure your personal information is safe and secure, we communicate our privacy and security guidelines regularly with the Yapphi Team and strictly enforce privacy safeguards within the company.

    How to get in touch with us?

    If you have questions, suggestions, queries or concerns about our Privacy Policy, or about our use and retention of your information, please feel free to contact us at