Welcome to Yapphi

Happiness through fitness

For those who want to be fit so they can enjoy everything that life has to offer. Give us the opportunity to be your companion on the journey!!​


At Yapphi, we take your happiness seriously


your fitness

A single score that ranges from 0 - 1000 spread over 3 levels will indicate your fitness at any point


with locals

You can get a view of where you rank on fitness within your locality and also across the country


with anonymous profiles

You can compete with anonymous profiles which are selected for you by our artificial intelligence

Set your goals

at your pace

You can set your own targets within the levels Yapphi provides, targets are relative & consider your peer group

Get rewarded


You will get rewarded daily as you reach daily targets, we want you to win, to be fit and to enjoy life 

Check how happiness

relates to fitness

A lot of things come together to makes us happy, fitness is one of them, we want you to know what makes you happy

More about Yapphi

We would like to help you by making fitness fun, so it does not seem like work


With a single score that indicates your fitness level, you will find it easy to measure and improve. You can choose to connect Yapphi to your Apple Health or Fitbit, or select the manual option to upload to fitness information 


We have done a comprehensive analysis of fitness levels of New Zealanders across locations, you can now understand how you compare with peer groups in your age group and sex within your locality and across New Zealand


You can compete to improve your rank within your locality and also at a country level. Our algorithms are equipped to suggest you the most appropriate profiles to compete with based on the goals you set for yourself

Set your goals

You can set and change your goals on the first 5 days of your monthly cycle. Goals are tangible and reflect your aspirations to get into higher scores and ranks. Goals can be set within the 3 levels that Yapphi provides. e.g. your goal can be to reach the Top 5% within Level 3

Get rewarded

You will set your own goals, and we will reward you for reaching those goals. You should set your goals to ensure achievability on 20 out of 30 days to ensure you get maximum rewards. Rewards are $ credits that can be used to pay for subsequent cycles

Track happiness to fitness

We will use inputs you provide to Yapphi and your fitness & activity stats to create a running diary of your happiness and fitness. You will be able to see for yourself, the days when you were the happiest, and what you did on those days

Get Yapphi on iPhone

Yapphi can read activities recorded on your Apple Health app by wearables like Apple Watch or while you just carry your iPhone 

Get Yapphi on Android

Yapphi integrates seamlessly with Fitbit. You can also use our manual option to input your daily activities directly into Yapphi

About us

Yapphi is a kiwi start-up that uses AI to enhance your fitness and happiness

We are a bunch of kiwis based in Auckland, New Zealand with expertise in the areas of the business consulting, data science, AI, machine learning and a passion for health & fitness.

Based on our personal experiences, we found that fitness can be a barrier to enjoying the vast natural beauty of New Zealand. Yapphi is our endeavour to link fitness to happiness and help New Zealanders identify those fitness activities that make them happy


Data privacy, terms and self help


Our apps will be available by the end of January.
Please leave your name and email address if you are interested in exploring Yapphi and we will reach out as soon as our app is available.

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